Blue Lagoons RV Resort

Rates and Policies

  • Rates are based on 4 person occupancy per site
  • Additional guests $7 per person per day (limit 6 persons per site)
  • No charge for sons or daughters in your family on monthly rentals
  • Rates are subject to change – contact office for current rates
  • Rates below are effective 04/01/2022
Daily $60 Includes: Electric,Water, Sewer and Cable
Weekly $255 (Plus Electric)

Includes: Water, Sewer, and Cable


Monthly Premium Site $500

Standard Site $475

Electric @ Current Rate

Plus: Electric

Registration:Register at the office upon arrival, or by 10:00 a.m. the following day if arriving after business hours. All rent is due in advance. A $25 late charge will be assessed if 5 days late. No refunds on site rentals. All guests must check-in and register at the exceptions.

Reservations: In the event of late arrival, rent will begin on the original reservation date.